What We Do

Solar Mini-grids

The project aims to electrify all 132 villages of Mon District, Nagaland in a phased manner over a three and a half years...


Economic Development

MRDF will be leveraging the mini grid clean energy platform to engage deeply with local tribal communities in order to expand...


Improving Quality of Life

Supply of 24x7 good quality, reliable and affordable electricity through mini grids will address the aspirational energy...

Technical Innovations

Smart metering, remote monitoring of the health of mini grids, cashless revenue transactions, robust lightning protection ...


Innovation Arena

Project innovations in terms of community engagement tools, demand stimulation, door step financing for Productive Use of ...


Growing Presence

This project implemented by MRDF and supported by partners like SPI, ONGC will leave an indelible impact ...

Our Impact

The success of a project is measured in terms of the sustainable and inclusive impact that it creates within the ecosystem. Some of the proposed key impact parameters of this project are:

Increase in village GDP


Increase in number of women-led village enterprises


Improvement in health services from local Primary Health Centres


Powering public infrastructure

Low carbon growth


Improved educational services


Increase in household incomes


Increase in number of village enterprises/ local businesses

Our Innovations

Modular Grids


Cashless mobile payments

Market Linkages


Local partnerships

Our Projects

Rural Development of North East India through Mini-Grids.

MRDF has identified Mon district in Nagaland as the geographical area to initiate this development mission with support from government authorities. This model of triggering local socio-economic development using DRE based mini grid platform will be scaled across NE India in partnership with key stakeholders. MRDF also intends to develop a policy and regulatory environment in Nagaland for distributed renewable energy solutions. The project will be based on PPPP model (Public-Private-Peoples Partnership) where the government, people and social enterprise come together to build an ecosystem for integrated rural development.

Our Partners