The impact of this transformational DRE project in NE India will be measured in terms of:

Increase in village GDP

8-12% growth in village GDP per annum


Increase in number of women-led village enterprises

>40% employment opportunities created for village women


Improvement in health services from local Primary Health Centres

better maternal care, institutional delivery, baby warmers, minor surgery, storage of essential vaccines, medicines and antidotes for snake venom


Powering public infrastructure


Low carbon growth

Reduction in GHG emissions @ 25-40 tons per village per annum


Improved educational services

Increase in local school enrolment and retention rates, smart classrooms with interactive learning software in all villages


Increase in household incomes

15-20% increase in household income per annum per household


Increase in number of village enterprises/ local businesses

5-10 jobs created per village